Scuba Diving Insurance

It’s vital that you have travel insurance, and that your travel insurance covers scuba diving too. We recommend World Nomads for affordable, reputable and easy to purchase travel and scuba diving insurance

Make Sure You’re Covered
We have an impeccable safety record, but accidents can happen during your holiday. You need to make sure you have adequate insurance that covers both your travels on land and also provides you with scuba diving insurance too should the unexpected happen.

We recommend World Nomads as a reputable provider of travel insurance that includes scuba diving insurance within their standard policy. That means you don’t need to pay any extra to be covered for diving – simply buy their standard travel policy and you’re covered. Click here to get a quote and buy online instantly.

World Nomads are recommended and endorsed by Lonely Planet, the world’s biggest travel guidebook company.

The Exact Policy Wording
Here’s the exact wording of what World Nomads covers for scuba diving in their standard policy:

“Conventional scuba diving only. We do not cover any unaccompanied dive, any dive in over head environments, any dive for gain or reward, or any dive below 40 metres. You must hold a British Sub Aqua Club certificate or Professional Association of Diving Instructors certificate or equivalent and follow the relevant Club or Association rules and guidelines at all times, or you must only dive under the constant supervision of a properly licensed diving school and follow their rules and instructions at all times.”

You can read the full policy wording by visiting the World Nomads site.

Be Covered For Medical Issues, Lost Baggage, Delayed Flights And Expensive Individual Items like iPods and laptops

As well as providing scuba diving insurance within their standard travel policy,World Nomads also covers you for other travel mishaps like lost baggage and delayed flights, as well as providing an option to insure individual expensive items like iPods, digital cameras and laptops. See the World Nomads site for full details.

Buy scuba diving and travel insurance online with World Nomads for complete peace of mind when you’re travelling.